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THE CHANGE - by Stefania Porrino

Travelling from Atlantis to the Universe
by Stefania Porrino

A theatrical production about the theme of the change - historical, social but above all psychological - and of the resistances that every change inevitably raises in who is not ready to change his own view of the world. Set in an empty theatrical space, the show consists of a series of short psychodramas (seven scenes) proposed to four patients-actors by a psychotherapist with theatrical aspirations: an exercise of “awakening”, during which the actors bring to life a succession of historical moments when the most important changes of humanity happened. Through the identification into historical or invented characters, the patients-actors perform a time travel from the period of the mythical Atlantis to the coming of Christianity, from the libertarian thinking of Thomas Campanella to the French Revolution and to the Feminist one, to arrive to the unique and true revolution, the interior one, by an episode set in our day, focused on the unmasking of the false altruism and the research of an authentic ability of loving. At the end of the psychological intervention everyone - psychologist and patients - prepare to leave the theater - the terrestrial life - to project themselves into a future hypothetical and interstellar civilization capable of opening new perspectives of evolution to humans survived the earth disaster. The means of transport is changed in each of the seven scenes: a ship, a chariot, a wagon, a carriage, a train, a plane and a spaceship, starting from Prehistoric times and crossing the Roman Empire, the Reinessance, the Eighteenth century, the end of the nineteenth century until the utopian era of the future. The text published in printed format by Edizioni Sabinae and in the magazine “Ridotto” published by SIAD (number 3-4/2020), is freely inspired by the book “Il romanzo del Sentire - Da Atlantide a noi” by the same author. Edizioni Bastogi, 2003; IkonaLiber, 2014 (e-book) e 2019 (paper).

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